, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 1-6
Date: 11 Jan 2007

What is ‘Cliometrica’?

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The birth of cliometrics is sometimes presented as a true revolution in the history of economics, even a complete break with the tradition. Whether this is true or not does not really matter for today economists. A defender of the new school as Robert Fogel perceives a clear continuity between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ economic history. Fact is that cliometrics exists, closes the gap between traditional economic history and economics per se. By the way, it has reestablished a role for history in economics, by expressing it in the language of the discipline. Today one can even say that it is an expanding domain in economics, contributing to new debates or challenging old conventional wisdom. The use of econometric techniques and economic theory has not solely contributed to rejuvenating economic history debates and made quantitative arguments unavoidable; it has also contributed to the slow emergence of a new historical awareness among economists.

Cliometrics is indeed more than economic h ...