, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 336-339
Date: 16 Jan 2008

Use of Flexible Endoscopic Scissors to Cut Obstructing Suture Material in Gastric Bypass Patients

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With the epidemic increase in obesity in the USA and consequent increased demand for bariatric surgery, new complications of the surgery are being described. The most common surgery practiced is the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGBP). Unraveling of suture material at the gastrojejunal anastomosis may occur, which may be troublesome if nonabsorbable suture is employed. We describe, for the first time, two patients who developed obstructive symptoms as a consequence of food matter/bezoars entrapped within a mesh of unraveled nonabsorbable suture material at their anastomoses. One of these patients also developed ulceration, presumably as a result of pressure necrosis from the entrapped bezoar. We describe a third patient where the placement of nonabsorbable sutures led to obstructive symptoms by limiting distensibility at an otherwise satisfactory anastomosis. We also describe for the first time, the use of a new endoscopic scissors in cutting luminal suture material with subsequent resolution of the clinical problem.