Obesity Surgery

, 17:1312

Three-Year Results of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass-on-Vertical Banded Gastroplasty: an Effective and Safe Procedure which Enables Endoscopy and X-Ray Study of the Stomach and Biliary Tract


DOI: 10.1007/s11695-007-9234-8

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Cariani, S. & Amenta, E. OBES SURG (2007) 17: 1312. doi:10.1007/s11695-007-9234-8


Cancer, perforation and bleeding in the bypassed stomach after RYGBP are rare but serious complications that require early diagnosis. Our goal was to perform a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGBP) whereby the traditional endoscopic and x-ray study of the bypassed stomach was possible, and at the same time obtain a good weight loss, similar to the standard RYGBP. We developed the RYGBP-on-Vertical banded gastroplasty (RYGBP on VBG), where a GoretexTM band surrounds the gastro-gastric outlet.


From June 2002 to September 2005, 128 patients, 94 female and 34 male, with age 50.5 ±14.8 SD years, BMI 51.6 ±7.2 SD kg/m2, and %EW 117.9 ±33.5 SD underwent RYGBP on VBG via an open approach. Radiological and, if necessary, endoscopic study has been carried out at 6 months, 1 year and then annually postoperatively.


Two cases of anastomotic ulcer were detected, but no case of infection of the prosthetic material was found. Preoperative BMI fell from 51.6 ±7.2 to 38.1 ±6.6 after 6 months, to 35.0 ±7.1 after 1 year, to 34.4 ±6.1 after 2 years, and to 33.2 ±5.5 after 3 years.


RYGBP on VBG was effective; the weight loss curve, compared to standard RYGBP, is similar, while allowing the traditional x-ray and endoscopy of the bypassed stomach and thus the biliary tract.

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Morbid obesity Roux-en-Y gastric bypass bariatric surgery gastric perforation gastric cancer gastroscopy complications of surgery X-ray study bypassed stomach 

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  1. 1.Dipartimento Emergenza/Urgenza, Chirurgia Generale e dei TrapiantiAzienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di BolognaBolognaItalia
  2. 2.Unità Operativa semplice di Terapia Chirurgica dell’Obesità PatologicaAzienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di BolognaBolognaItalia
  3. 3.Dipartimento Emergenza/UrgenzaChirurgia Generale e dei TrapiantiBolognaItalia

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