, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 226-230

Effects of sludge on germination and initial growth performance of Leucaena leucocephala seedlings in the nursery

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A study was carried out to determine the influence of different types of sludges (municipal, industrial and residential) on field germination, growth and nodulation of L. leucocephala seedlings in the nursery. Before sowing of seeds, different combinations of sludges were incorporated with the nutrient deficient natural forest soils. Field germination, nodulation status and physical growth parameters of seedlings (shoot and root length, vigor index, collar diameter, leaf number, fresh and dry weight of shoot and root and total dry biomass increment) were recorded after three and six months of seed sowing. Field germination, nodulation status and growth parameters were varied significantly in the soil amended with sludges in comparison to control. The highest number of nodule was recorded from soil amended with residential sludge (1:1) and highest fresh and dry nodule weight was also found from the same combination in both three and six month old seedlings. In case of growth parameters, the highest growth was recorded from soil and residential sludge (1:1) combination compared to control. From the study, it can be recommended that soil amended with residential sludge (1:1) provide better field germination, growth and nodule formation of L. leucocephala in degraded soil.