, Volume 33, Issue 5, pp 352-356,
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Date: 19 Jul 2012

Electromotive Force Measurements in Liquid Li-Si Alloys


Electromotive force measurements on the Li-Si system were initiated by the concentration cell method with an (LiCl-LiF)eut electrolyte and the (Bi,Li3Bi(l) + Li3Bi(s)) two phase alloy as a reference electrode. The measurements are carried out in the temperature range between 880 and 1020 K for liquid alloys containing 0.57, 0.61, 0.815, and 0.85 mole fractions of Li. The activities of Li in liquid Li-Si alloys determined in this work are compared with the activities calculated from the set of thermodynamic parameters optimized by Braga et al. Present results are in reasonable agreement with calculated data.