, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 30-38
Date: 24 Nov 2010

Assessment of the Atomic Mobilities in fcc Cu-Fe and Cu-Ti Alloys

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The experimentally measured diffusion coefficients of fcc Cu-Fe and Cu-Ti alloys in the published literature were reviewed critically in the present work. On the basis of the available thermodynamic information, the atomic mobilities of Cu, Fe, and Ti in fcc Cu-Fe and Cu-Ti alloys as a function of temperature and composition were assessed in terms of the CALPHAD method using the DICTRA® software. The optimized mobility parameters are presented. The calculated diffusion coefficients show an excellent agreement with the experimental data. The composition-distance profiles of the Cu-Ti binary diffusion couples reported in the literature were also predicted using the assessed mobility parameters. Overall good agreement is achieved between the experimental results and simulations.