, Volume 22, Issue 2-3, pp 145-151
Date: 28 Nov 2012

Atmospheric Plasma Sprayed Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) Coatings: An Investigation of the Processing-Microstructure-Performance Relationship

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Evaluating and understanding the relationship between processing, microstructure and performance of a dielectric coating is essential for its practical usage and reliable application. In this study, the role of the powder feedstock on the properties of atmospheric plasma sprayed forsterite (Mg2SiO4) dielectric coatings was investigated by using different forsterite powder granulometries. The microstructural and porosity characteristics of the coatings associated with the spray conditions employed were assessed via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and image analysis. The phase composition of the coatings was studied via x-ray diffraction and their crystallinity index determined. The electrical insulating characteristics were investigated using the dielectric breakdown test and impedance spectroscopy measurements. The electrical properties obtained were correlated with the microstructural characteristics and a performance comparison between forsterite and other dielectric coatings is presented.

This article is an invited paper selected from presentations at the 2012 International Thermal Spray Conference and has been expanded from the original presentation. It is simultaneously published in Thermal Spray 2012: Proceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference, Air, Land, Water, and the Human Body: Thermal Spray Science and Applications, Houston, Texas, USA, May 21-24, 2012, Basil R. Marple, Arvind Agarwal, Laura Filofteia-Toma, Margaret M. Hyland, Yuk-Chiu Lau, Chang-Jiu Li, Rogerio S. Lima, and André McDonald, Ed., ASM International, Materials Park, OH, 2012.