, Volume 18, Issue 2, p 131
Date: 24 Apr 2009


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Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are coating systems which protect the metallic components in gas turbine engines from the hot combustion gases. Their application allows an increase of combustion temperatures far beyond the melting point of the super alloys used for structural parts, such as blades and vanes. Although TBCs were introduced several decades ago, they are still a subject of intense research, both in academia and in industry. Considerable progress has been made through the years with respect to reliability, lifetime, and temperature capability, but there still is need for further improvement of the properties to fully integrate the TBC system into the design of a gas turbine engine, and by this, to increase the efficiency of the engine.

In this June issue of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, selected papers presented at the 22nd International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies in Trollhättan, Sweden, September 22-24, 2008, are presented. In these papers, s ...