Date: 25 Feb 2012

Processing of Carbon Fibers Reinforced Mg Matrix Composites Via Pre-infiltration with Al

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Mg-C composites offer a suitable alternative to Al alloys while allowing for a significant weight reduction, but their production can be impaired by the poor wettability of C substrates by Mg. In this study, a new “liquid” processing route has been investigated. By making use of the well-known effect of a pre-treatment of the C fibers with an aqueous solution of K2ZrF6 in favoring spontaneous wetting of C with Al, C yarns have been pre-impregnated with Al and the feasibility of further using them as reinforcements in Mg matrix composites has been assessed. More particularly, it has thus been shown that the, under the thermal conditions involved in the process, C fibers did not suffer damage due to chemical reaction with Al, and also that special care should be taken to control the surface condition of the pre-infiltrated yarns.

This article is an invited submission to JMEP selected from presentations at the Symposia “Wetting, soldering and brazing” and “Diffusion bonding and characterization” belonging to the Topic “Joining” at the European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes (EUROMAT 2011), held September 12-15, 2011, in Montpellier, France, and has been expanded from the original presentation.