, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp 1438-1446
Date: 14 Dec 2010

Response of Materials During Sliding on Various Surface Textures

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In the present investigation, soft materials, such as Al-4Mg alloy, high-purity Al and pure Mg pins were slid against hard steel plates of various surface textures to study the response of materials during sliding. The experiments were conducted using an inclined pin-on-plate sliding apparatus under both dry and lubricated conditions in an ambient environment. Two kinds of frictional response, namely steady-state and stick-slip, were observed during sliding. In general, the response was dependent on material pair, normal load, lubrication, and surface texture of the harder material. More specifically, for the case of Al-4Mg alloy, the stick-slip response was absent under both dry and lubricated conditions. For Al, stick-slip was observed only under lubricated conditions. For the case of Mg, the stick-slip response was seen under both dry and lubricated conditions. Further, it was observed that the amplitude of stick-slip motion primarily depends on the plowing component of friction. The plowing component of friction was the highest for the surfaces that promoted plane strain conditions and was the lowest for the surfaces that promoted plane stress conditions near the surface.