, Volume 19, Issue 7, pp 936-941
Date: 05 Dec 2009

An Analytical Modified Model of Clad Sheet Bonding by Cold Rolling Using Upper Bond Theorem

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In this paper, clad sheet bonding by cold rolling was investigated using the upper bond theorem. Plastic deformation behavior of the strip at the roll gap was investigated, unlike previous methods; distinctive angular velocities are used for different zones in roll gap in present model and absolute minimum of rolling power function is achieved. Rolling power, rolling force, and thickness ratio of the rolled product affected by various rolling condition such as flow stress of sheets, initial thickness ratio, roller radius, total thickness reduction, coefficient of friction between rollers and metals and between components layer, roll speed, etc., are discussed. It was found that the theoretical prediction of the thickness ratio of the rolled product, rolling force, and rolling power are in good agreement with the experimental measurement.