, Volume 42, Issue 7, pp 1573-1581
Date: 10 Nov 2012

The Influence of Spark Plasma Sintering Temperature on the Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Al,Ga Dual-Doped ZnO

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ZnO dual-doped with Al and Ga was prepared by spark plasma sintering using different sintering temperatures. The microstructural evolution and thermoelectric properties of the samples were investigated in detail. The samples obtained with sintering temperature above 1223 K had higher relative densities and higher electronic conductivity than the sample sintered at 1073 K. These results were supported by the solid-state reaction completion rate, which suggested that sintering temperature above 1223 K would be preferable for complete solid-state reaction of the samples. The sintering mechanism of ZnO particles and microstructure evolution at different sintering temperatures were investigated by simulation of the self-Joule-heating effect of the individual particles.