, Volume 39, Issue 7, pp 1087-1096
Date: 18 Jun 2010

Molecular Beam Epitaxially Grown HgTe and HgCdTe-on-Silicon for Space-Based X-Ray Calorimetry Applications

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Arrays of x-ray microcalorimeters will enable broadband, high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy to study and substantiate black holes, dark matter, and other celestial phenomenon. At EPIR we continue to achieve growth of high-quality, low-doped, single-crystal HgCdTe, and HgTe epilayers on Si and CdZnTe to be employed by NASA in these instruments. Excellent low-temperature heat capacities (with no significant electronic term) have been demonstrated in integrated devices, with both HgTe and HgCdTe showing improvement over the HgTe used previously. Goal resolutions ≤4 eV have been achieved with good yield for both HgTe and HgCdTe.