, Volume 39, Issue 8, pp 1248-1255

Crystallographic Properties of Ge/Si Heterojunctions Fabricated by Wet Wafer Bonding

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Ge/Si heterojunctions formed by wet wafer bonding were observed using transmission electron microscopy and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. For the samples annealed at 880°C, there was a transition layer at the heterointerface with modified regions in the Si and Ge extending 20 nm to 30 nm from the interface. In these modified regions, crystal defects were observed, and a large amount of Ge was detected on the Si side of the junction. For the samples annealed at 250°C or 350°C, the transition layers had an amorphous-like structure with a thickness of about 10 nm. No modified layer or enlargement of lattice spacing was observed.