, Volume 37, Issue 12, pp 1799-1805,
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Date: 07 Oct 2008

Comparison of MBE Growth of InSb on Si (001) and GaAs (001)

We describe the epitaxial growth of InSb films on both Si (001) and GaAs (100) substrates using molecular-beam epitaxy and discuss the structural and electrical properties of the resulting films. The complete 2 μm InSb films on GaAs (001) were grown at temperatures between 340°C and 420°C and with an Sb/In flux ratio of approximately 5 and a growth rate of 0.2 nm/s. The films were characterized in terms of background electron concentration, mobility, and x-ray rocking curve width. Our best results were for a growth temperature of 350°C, resulting in room-temperature mobility of 41,000 cm2/V s.  For the growth of InSb on Si, vicinal Si(001) substrates offcut by 4° toward (110) were used. We investigated growth temperatures between 340°C and 430°C for growth on Si(001). In contrast to growth on GaAs, the best results were achieved at the high end of the range of T S =  C, resulting in a mobility of 26,100 cm2/V s for a 2 μm film. We also studied the growth and properties of InSb:Mn films on GaAs with Mn content below 1%. Our results showed the presence of ferromagnetic ordering in the samples, opening a new direction in the diluted magnetic semiconductors.