, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp 738-743

Electrical transport properties of single GaN and InN nanowires

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The transport properties of single GaN and InN nanowires grown by thermal catalytic chemical vapor deposition were measured as a function of temperature, annealing condition (for GaN) and length/square of radius ratio (for InN). The as-grown GaN nanowires were insulating and exhibited n-type conductivity (n ≈ 2×1017 cm−3, mobility of 30 cm2/V s) after annealing at 700°C. A simple fabrication process for GaN nanowire field-effect transistors on Si substrates was employed to measure the temperature dependence of resistance. The transport was dominated by tunneling in these annealed nanowires. InN nanowires showed resistivity on the order of 4×10−4 Ω cm and the specific contact resistivity for unalloyed Pd/Ti/Pt/Au ohmic contacts was near 1.09×10−7 Ω cm2. For In N nanowires with diameters <100 nm, the total resistance did not increase linearly with length/square of radius ratio but decreased exponentially, presumably due to more pronounced surface effect. The temperature dependence of resistance showed a positive temperature coefficient and a functional form characteristic of metallic conduction in the InN nanowires.