Journal of Electronic Materials

, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 496–500

Analysis of physical properties of III-nitride thin films by nanoindentation


  • Sheng-Rui Jian
    • Institute and Department of ElectrophysicsNational Chiao Tung University
  • Te-Hua Fang
    • Department of Mechanical EngineeringSouthern Taiwan University of Technology
  • Der-San Chuu
    • Institute and Department of ElectrophysicsNational Chiao Tung University
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DOI: 10.1007/s11664-003-0132-0

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Jian, S., Fang, T. & Chuu, D. Journal of Elec Materi (2003) 32: 496. doi:10.1007/s11664-003-0132-0


The thin films of undoped GaN, GaN:Si, and Al0.12Ga0.88N on sapphire (0001) substrate using nanoindentation are investigated. The Young’s modulus, hardness, and plastic energy of the films were calculated from the loading-unloading curve. The true hardness, maximum shear stress, and degree of elastic recovery are then deduced from the preceding calculated data. In addition, the loading-unloading curve clearly shows the pop-in phenomena, which can be attributed to the dislocation nucleation. To better understand the factors affecting the quality of films produced, the stress-strain relationship, which is able to reflect the quality of the fabricated films, is also analyzed using nanoindentation.

Key words

NanoindentationYoung’s modulushardnessmaximum shear stressplastic energyelastic recoverycontact stress-strain

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