, Volume 31, Issue 7, pp 802-805

Infrared spectroscopy of chromium-doped cadmium selenide

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The maximum optical-absorption cross section of Cr2+ ions was evaluated from near-infrared (NIR) absorption spectroscopy and direct measurements of the chromium concentration in Cr2+:CdSe crystals. The emission lifetime of the excited state, 5E, of Cr2+ was measured as a function of Cr2+ concentration in the 2×1017 −2×1018 ions/cm3 range and as a function of temperature from 77–300 K. Lifetime values were as high as ∼6 µs in the 77–250 K range and decreased to ∼4 µs at 300 K because of nonradiative decays. Assuming that most of the Cr dopant is in the Cr2+ state, an optical-absorption cross section σa of (1.94±0.56) × 10−18 cm2 was calculated. Implications for laser performance are discussed.