, Volume 29, Issue 5, pp 565-569

Self-assembled metal/molecule/semiconductor nanostructures for electronic device and contact applications

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We report a fabrication approach in which we combine self-assembled metal/molecule nanostructures with chemically stable semiconductor surface layers. The resulting structures have well controlled dimensions and geometries (∼4 nm Au nanoclusters) provided by the chemical self-assembly and have stable, low-resistance interfaces realized by the chemically stable semiconductor cap layer (low-temperature grown GaAs passivated by the organic tether molecules). Scanning tunneling microscope imaging and current-voltage spectroscopy of nanocontacts ton-GaAs fabricated using this approach indicate high quality, ohmic nanocontacts having a specific contact resistance of ∼1 × 10−7Ω·cm2 and a maximum current density of ∼1×107 A/cm2, both comparable to those observed in large area contacts. Uniform 2-D arrays of these nanocontact structures have been fabricated and characterized as potential cells for nanoelectronic device applications.