, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 166-174
Date: 09 Nov 2012

The Decomposition of Ag Oxalate in Ball Drop, Rod Drop, and Ball Milling Experiments: A Tentative Estimation of the Volume of Trapped Powder

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The current study provides an experimental estimate of the volume of powder trapped at collision during the mechanical processing by ball milling (BM). The result has been obtained by carrying out ball drop and BM experiments on anhydrous Ag oxalate powders. In both cases, the mechanical stresses operating at collision induce the decomposition of Ag oxalate into metallic Ag and gaseous carbon dioxide. The evolution of carbon dioxide enabled us to measure the amount of Ag oxalate decomposed at each collision by gravimetric analyses. Ball drop and rod drop experiments, respectively, with selected thickness of powder layers and volume of powders, were carried out to relate the amount of decomposed Ag oxalate to the volume of powder trapped at each collision during BM experiments.

Manuscript submitted May 16, 2012.