, Volume 28, Issue 10, pp 2129-2135

Dynamics of solid/liquid interface shape evolution near an insoluble particle—An X-ray transmission microscopy investigation

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In this article, for the first time, in situ and real-time experimental observations of changes in solid/liquid (s/l) interface shape during interactions with a particle or void are reported for metallic systems. Real-time interface shape evolution for both stationary and growing interfaces was observed by use of a state-of-the-art X-ray transmission microscope. Localized interfacial perturbations were studied as a function of the particle or void diameter, the distance between the s/l interface and the particle or void, and the thermal conductivity ratio between the matrix and the particle or void. In particular, the sensitivity of interfacial perturbation to the thermal conductivity ratio is critically analyzed. Analytical predictions of interface shape are compared to the real-time, in situ experimental data. A good agreement between the experimentally observed and predicted interface shapes was found for stationary interfaces. Based on the differences in experimental observations, between a moving and a stationary interface, an alternate hypothesis is suggested to explain the observed kinetics of particle engulfment by a growing interface.