, Volume 40, Issue 11, pp 2590-2602,
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Date: 01 Sep 2009

Expressing Crystallographic Textures through the Orientation Distribution Function: Conversion between Generalized Spherical Harmonic and Hyperspherical Harmonic Expansions


In the analysis of crystallographic texture, the orientation distribution function (ODF) of the grains is generally expressed as a linear combination of the generalized spherical harmonics. Recently, an alternative expansion of the ODF, as a linear combination of the hyperspherical harmonics, has been proposed, with the advantage that this is a function of the angles that directly describe the axis and angle of each grain rotation, rather than of the Euler angles. This article provides the formulas required to convert between the generalized spherical harmonics and the hyperspherical harmonics, and between the coefficients appearing in their respective expansions of the ODF. A short discussion of the phase conventions surrounding these expansions is also presented.