, Volume 39, Issue 13, pp 3179-3183,
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Date: 12 Jun 2008

X-Ray Scattering Studies of HgSe Nanoclusters in Zeolite


Structural studies done on HgSe nanoclusters fabricated in the pores of two types of zeolite frameworks, LTL (tubular pore) and Nd-Y (nearly spherical pore), are presented. Nanoclusters were synthesized in these zeolite frameworks via chemical vapor deposition. Anomalous X-ray scattering (AXS) studies were performed on both HgSe/zeolite-Y and HgSe/zeolite-L systems. As a result, we present two distinct structural models for NdY/HgSe and LTL/HgSe systems. A remarkable feature present in our X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns, diffuse scattering, will also be discussed using our initial results of the atomic pair distribution function (PDF) studies. X-ray structural work is complemented using the results of optical and Raman studies.

This article is based on a presentation given in the symposium entitled “Neutron and X-Ray Studies for Probing Materials Behavior,” which occurred during the TMS Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA, March 9–13, 2008, under the auspices of the National Science Foundation, TMS, the TMS Structural Materials Division, and the TMS Advanced Characterization, Testing, and Simulation Committee.