, Volume 39, Issue 7, p 1479
Date: 03 May 2008

Materials Behavior: Far from Equilibrium

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Metastable materials are ubiquitous. Cementite is the classical example, occurring in steels and cast irons in use from antiquity. In recent times, more spectacular examples have been discovered by sudden changes in composition; temperature; and pressure brought about by the deployment of novel processing routes such as rapid solidification, mechanical milling, and electron, ion, and laser irradiation. The materials thus produced have compositional, topological, and microstructural metastability with an extended range of properties and modified behavior. Over the past five decades, this area of research has attracted intense attention on both experimental and theoretical domains. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Mumbai, India) chose “Materials Behavior: Far from Equilibrium” as the theme of the meeting to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. The conference attracted a large number of participants from India and overseas. This issue of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions puts together 20 se