, Volume 39, Issue 2, pp 322-334,
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Date: 28 Dec 2007

The Behavior of Ni, Ni-60Co, and Ni3Al during One-Dimensional Shock Loading


The response of pure nickel (Ni), a binary Ni-60 at. pct cobalt (Co) alloy exhibiting a low stacking fault energy (SFE), and the ordered face-centered-cubic (fcc) alloy Ni-24Al-0.01B to shock loading has been studied using the technique of plate impact. Changes in the variation of mechanical properties with shock amplitude and pulse duration have been explained in terms of a shift from dislocation dominated to twin dominated plasticity in the case of the Ni-Co alloy and the increasing effect of brittle failure in the case of Ni3Al.

Manuscript submitted September 8, 2007.