, Volume 39, Issue 8, pp 1888-1900,
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Date: 19 Oct 2007

Development and Characterization of Low-Density Ca-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses: An Overview


Ca-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have unique properties and represent a new seventh group of BMGs. Many of them have excellent GFA, which can be related to their efficient atomic packing, low onset driving force for crystallization, and high viscosity (high relaxation time) of the supercooled liquid. The Ca-based glasses have the lowest density and elastic moduli among all BMGs discovered to date. Unfortunately, as many other glasses, Ca-based BMGs are brittle below the glass transition temperature, and they also have marginal oxidation and corrosion resistance. The latter can be improved by proper selection of alloying elements. In this article, we review recent work on the development of low-density Ca-based BMGs and discuss the effect of alloy composition on the thermal, physical, and chemical properties of these glasses.