, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp 1887-1898

Effect of intermediate heat treatment on microstructure and texture evolution of continuous cast Al-Mn-Mg alloy sheet

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The microstructure and crystallographic texture evolution of continuous-cast, hot-rolled Al-Mn-Mg alloy sheet during cold rolling and subsequent annealing was investigated. All specimens cut from the as-received sheet were cold rolled and subsequently annealed, with some of these specimens receiving an intermediate heat treatment (IHT) prior to cold rolling. It was found that the degree of deformation and temperature of the annealing had a significant effect on the final grain size and texture of the sheet specimens, respectively. Furthermore, the IHT altered the development of the microstructure and texture of the final sheet specimens when compared to similarly produced specimens without it. For the sheet specimens without the IHT, a severely elongated grain structure was found in which the texture was dominated by a strong P orientation {011}<566>, despite the fact that the specimen was completely recrystallized. In contrast, specimens receiving the same cold rolling and annealing conditions but with the IHT had an equiaxed grain structure with a sharp Cube orientation {001}<100>. Counterbalancing the deformation textures from rolling with a sharp Cube orientation from annealing may lead to reduced earing behavior of CC Al-Mn-Mg alloy sheet products during deep drawing applications.