, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 881-893

Microstructure characterization of Al x CoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy system with multiprincipal elements

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A new approach for the design of alloy systems with multiprincipal elements is presented in this research. The Al x CoCrCuFeNi alloys with different aluminum contents (i.e., x values in molar ratio, x=0 to 3.0) were synthesized using a well-developed arc-melting and casting method. These alloys possessed simple fcc/bcc structures, and their phase diagram was predicted by microstructure characterization and differential thermal analyses. With little aluminum addition, the alloys were composed of a simple fcc solid-solution structure. As the aluminum content reached x=0.8, a bcc structure appeared and constructed with mixed fcc and bcc eutectic phases. Spinodal decomposition occurred further on when the aluminum contents were higher than x=1.0, leading to the formation of modulated plate structures. A single ordered bcc structure was obtained for aluminum contents larger than x=2.8. The effects of high mixing entropy and sluggish cooperative diffusion enhance the formation of simple solid-solution phases and submicronic structures with nanoprecipitates in the alloys with multiprincipal elements rather than intermetallic compounds.