Forestry Studies in China

, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 114–119

Floral display and breeding system of Jatropha curcas L.


  • Luo Chang-wei 
    • Research Institute of Insect ResourcesChinese Academy of Forestry
    • Research Institute of Insect ResourcesChinese Academy of Forestry
  • Chen You 
    • Yunnan Provincial Forestry Vocational College
  • Sun Yong-yu 
    • Research Institute of Insect ResourcesChinese Academy of Forestry
Research Article

DOI: 10.1007/s11632-007-0017-z

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Luo, C., Li, K., Chen, Y. et al. For. Stud. China (2007) 9: 114. doi:10.1007/s11632-007-0017-z


Plant flowering and breeding characteristics are important for us to understand the reproduction of plant populations. In this paper, we studied the reproduction characteristics of Jatropha curcas in Yuanjiang County (23°36′N, 101°00′E), Yunnan Province. The plant produces flowers in dichasial inflorescences. Normally, the flowers are unisexual, and male and female flowers are produced in the same inflorescence. Only a few male flowers are produced in an inflorescence, and fruits are produced only through pollination between different flowers from the same or different plants. By the treatments of emasculation, bagging and artificial pollination in this experiment, there were few but same fruit set ratios when the inflorescences were emasculated, bagged, or bagged with net, except artificial pollination treatments, which showed that Jatropha curcas could produce fruit through apomixis but not wind pollination. When the inflorescences were unbagged, unemasculated and with free pollination treatments, or bagged, emasculated and with artificial cross-pollination treatments, or unbagged, emasculated and with free pollination treatments, there were many fruits produced. It showed that Jatropha curcas shows outcrossing, is self-compatible, and demanding for pollinators. Normally, the male flowers open first and a few flowers bloom in one day in a raceme. These flowers last a long time in bloom. However, a large number of female flowers open from the third to the fifth day, with some female flowers opening first in a few raceme. This shows a tendency to promote xenogamy and minimize geitonogamy.

Key words

Jatropha curcasfloral displaybreeding systemoutcrossing indexpollen-ovule ratio

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