, Volume 47, Issue 5, pp 553-560
Date: 23 Sep 2011

Overexpression of AP1-like genes from Asteraceae induces early-flowering in transgenic Chrysanthemum plants

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Chrysanthemum is one of the most important commercial cut flowers in the world. Early-flowering cultivars are required to produce quality chrysanthemum flowers with a lower cost of production. To shorten the vegetative growth phase of chrysanthemum, three AP1-like genes from Asteraceae were constitutively overexpressed in 80 independent transgenic chrysanthemum lines. All lines were characterized by PCR and RT-PCR and demonstrated that overexpression of compositae AP1-homologs in transgenic chrysanthemum under long-day conditions had no effect on plant development compared to non-transgenic controls. Conversely, under short-day conditions, transgenic plants commenced bud initiation 2 wk earlier than non-transgenic chrysanthemum plants. Subsequently, transgenic chrysanthemum flowers showed color earlier and resulted in full opening of inflorescences 3 wk prior to non-transgenic control plants. These results open new possibilities for genetic improvement and breeding of chrysanthemum cultivars.

Editor: N. J. Taylor