, Volume 25, Issue 8, p 762
Date: 04 May 2010

Antihypertensive Medication Adherence Stroke and Death

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To the Editor:—I read with great interest the recent articles by Fischer et al. 1 and Bailey et al. 2 which describe the extent of primary non-adherence and document the adverse impact of non-adherence among those with hypertension. Bailey et al. 2 conclude that by increasing adherence by one pill per week for a once-a-day regimen the hazard of stroke could be reduced by 8–9% and death by 7%. The public health impact of non-adherence should not be minimized.

I agree with Fischer et al. 1 that e-prescribing could improve adherence. In 2006, we interviewed 276 clinicians and staff in 64 practices using one of six e-prescribing products. When asked about e-prescribing software with the capability of alerting the physician when the patient has not picked up a prescription, 47% reported that would be very useful. Yet, these data run counter to the real experience of beta testing e-prescribing in 2003 in Rhode Island. The original plan was to alert the prescriber when prescriptions were not p ...