, Volume 23, Issue 11, pp 1923-1925,
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Date: 04 Oct 2008

Looking for Quality under the Lamppost

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Concepts such as clinical complexity, multimorbidity, severity of illness, and disease burden seek to characterize the subset of patients whose severity and/or number of illnesses disproportionately affect their lives. We see many such patients in our clinics and in our hospitals. As the numbers of these patients grow, with escalating health care costs and utilization, it is increasingly urgent to answer the following questions: Are these clinically complex patients receiving quality care? Are they satisfied with their experience with the health care system? How can we best measure these important domains and ensure that quality measures adequately are directing providers and health systems to prioritize attention and resources to the most important areas for these patients? These issues, while important for all patients, are especially critical for clinically complex patients.

The paper by Werner and Chang both adds to our understanding of these issues as well as highlights some of the ...