Supporting of nickel(II) acenaphthenediimine with free amino group for ethylene polymerization

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Bis (4-(4-amino-3, 5-diethylbenzyl)-2, 6-diethylphenylimino) acenaphthene] dichloronickel (NiLCl2) was prepared and supported on SiO2 modified by methyl trichlorsilane(S-1) and on SiO2-MgCl2/TiCl4 (S-2) respectively. Two supported catalysts S-1 and S-2 used as catalysts for ethylene polymerization were studied and the influences of various polymerization conditions, including the polymerization temperature, cocatalysts, Al/Ni molar ratio on the catalytic activity, branching degree and branch length of PE were also investigated. The experimental results show that the supported catalysts exhibit higher catalytic activity for ethylene polymerization, the highest catalytic activity of S-1 using AlEt2Cl as cocatalyst at 50°C, reaching 5.8×105gPE/molNi··h, and needed lower Al/Ni molar ratio compared to homogeneous analogue.

Funded by the Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (No.031598)