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, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 771-776

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Improvement of a novel anode material TeO2 by chlorine doping

  • Ya WangAffiliated withInstitute of Advanced Energy Materials, Fuzhou University
  • , Hai-Long FeiAffiliated withInstitute of Advanced Energy Materials, Fuzhou University Email author 


A simple and versatile method for the preparation of chlorine-doped TeO2 was developed via thermal decomposition of Te6O11Cl2 in situ. Te6O11Cl2 was prepared with TeCl4 and ethanol as reagents, while TeO2 was fabricated with water as a solvent. The morphology, surface, and electrochemical performances of the obtained materials were systematically studied. It was found that chlorine-doped TeO2 demonstrated the highest cycling efficiency and stability than Te6O11Cl2 and TeO2. The presence of Te–Cl bond is expected to contribute to the reversible capacity and Li inserting process.


TeO2 Te6O11Cl2 Anode·lithium-ion battery Chlorine doping