, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 367-382,
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Date: 31 Mar 2011

Point defect diagrams for pure and doped cobalt oxide \( {\hbox{C}}{{\hbox{o}}_{{{1} - }}}_{\delta }{\hbox{O}} \) in the temperature range of 1,173–1,673 K (I)


The point defect diagram in non-stoichiometric cobalt oxide \( {\hbox{C}}{{\hbox{o}}_{{{1} - }}}_{\delta }{\hbox{O}} \) , pure and doped with M3+ and M+ metal ions, taking into consideration all of the types of defects in the cation sublattice are presented in this work. A new method was used for the calculations of the diagrams. This method is based on the derived relations between the standard Gibbs energies of formation of cobalt vacancies and the intrinsic ionic and electronic defects; it also uses the experimental values of the deviation from the stoichiometry. The calculations were performed using the results of studies obtained by many authors in the temperature range of 1,173–1,673 K.