, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp 291-312
Date: 13 Jun 2009

Institutional Environment and Subsidiary Survival


  • We examine the effect of the institutional environment (IE) on the mortality of overseas subsidiaries. We develop hypotheses to study the impact of political openness and social openness, two dimensions of the institutional environment and how joint venture status moderates these relationships. We test our hypotheses using a sample of 12,000+ Japanese overseas investments from 1986–1997 in 25 countries, using Cox hazard models.

  • Our results suggest that the sociopolitical context has a strong influence on the mortality of overseas subsidiaries. We theorized a negative main effect for political and social openness and positive interaction effects with openness when the FDI is through a JV. The results are consistent with the hypotheses. However, political and social openness show significantly different influences on subsidiary mortality.