, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 413-420
Date: 21 Jun 2012

Review of Tareq Y. Ismael & Andrew Rippin (eds.), Islam in the Eyes of the West: Images and Realities in an Age of Terror

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In a context where much contemporary discourse on the relationship between the Muslim world and the West emphasizes ‘the confrontational dimension,’ this collection of thirteen essays emerged from a 2008 conference in Victoria, British Columbia on ‘The Muslim World and the West: Emerging Avenues for Convergence,’ which sought rather to explore ‘emerging patterns of interaction and the synergies they generate’ (p. ix). While many of the chapters necessarily catalog and analyze some of the tensions and misconceptions that have dominated public policy and discussion in North America and Japan on Islam since the attacks of September 11, 2001, others challenge readers to reconsider the theoretical and ideological commitments that have shaped the past decade and provide tools to work toward better analysis and policy in the future.

Collections based on conferences can pose particular challenges of thematic coherence and timeliness. On the latter question, much of the material here will remain ...