, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 575-588
Date: 16 Oct 2012

Strobilomyces echinocephalus sp. nov. (Boletales ) from south-western China, and a key to the genus Strobilomyces worldwide

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Strobilomyces echinocephalus Gelardi & Vizzini sp. nov. is described as a new species, based on collections from Kunming (Yunnan Province, China). Macro-morphological and micro-morphological features, ecological data and analyses of RPB1 and ITS2 sequences support the establishment of this new taxon. Colour pictures of fresh basidiomata in habitat, scanning electron microscope (SEM) micro-photographs of the spores, and a line-drawing displaying the most relevant anatomical characters are provided in this paper. Strobilomyces zangii Gelardi nom. nov. is proposed to replace the name Heimiella nigricans M. Zang. A dichotomous key to the Strobilomyces species at global level is also provided at the end of this work.