, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 575-583
Date: 07 Mar 2010

Xeromphalina setulipes (hygrophoroid clade, Agaricales), a new Mediterranean species

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A new Xeromphalina species from Mediterranean evergreen forests of the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula is described. It is characterized by its habitat on soil, arcuate-decurrent lamellae, trama hyphae which turn distinctly orange-brown to red-brown in KOH solution, thick-walled caulocystidia with an attenuate apex reminding setulae, and versiform to irregularly cylindrical cheilocystidia, which are conspicuously branched forming coralloid excrescences. LM microphotographs illustrate its diagnostic features. Additionally, two nuclear ribosomal DNA regions from this new taxon were sequenced and compared with homologue sequences from existing species in the genus Xeromphalina, supporting its recognition as a new species.