, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 61-80
Date: 01 Mar 2007

New lichenicolous, muscicolous, corticolous and lignicolous taxa of Burgoa s. l. and Marchandiomyces s. l. (anamorphic Basidiomycota), a new genus for Omphalina foliacea, and a catalogue and a key to the non-lichenized, bulbilliferous basidiomycetes

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A catalogue and a key to the non-lichenized, bulbilliferous basidiomycetes are given. The new genus Burgella is described for the lichenicolous B. flavoparmeliae, phylogenetically close to Sistotrema oblongisporum and Multiclavula. The genera Pneumatospora and Tricellulortus are placed in synonymy of Minimedusa, the new combination M. obcoronata is proposed, and the new facultative lichenicolous M. pubescens is described. The new facultative lichenicolous Burgoa angulosa is phylogenetically close to the generic type B. verzuoliana, whilst the new B. moriformis and B. splendens are provisionally included in the genus Burgoa. A Burgoa-like species in the Ceratobasidiaceae is left unnamed. Two new species of Marchandiomyces, M. buckii and M. nothofagicola, are described. As Marchandiomyces aurantiacus is phylogenetically more close to Erythricium than to Marchandiomyces, it is proposed to exclude it from that genus and to use the holomorphic generic name Marchandiobasidium for both anamorph and teleomorph of this species. The new genus Marchandiomphalina is introduced for the lichenized Omphalina foliacea, a taxon phylogenetically close to Marchandiobasidium.

Taxonomic novelties
Burgella Diederich & Lawrey; B. flavoparmeliae Diederich & Lawrey; Burgoa angulosa Diederich, Lawrey & Etayo; B. moriformis Diederich, Ertz & Coppins; B. splendens Diederich & Coppins; Marchandiomphalina Diederich, Lawrey & Binder; Marchandiomphalina foliacea (P. M. Jørg.) Diederich, Lawrey & Binder; Marchandiomyces buckii Diederich & Lawrey; M. nothofagicola Diederich & Lawrey; Minimedusa pubescens Diederich, Lawrey & Heylen; M. obcoronata (B. Sutton, Kuthub. & Muid) Diederich & Lawrey