, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 225-238

Anther smuts of Caryophyllaceae: Molecular characters indicate host-dependent species delimitation

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Phylogenetic relationships of Microbotryum species (Urediniomycetes, Basidiomycota) inhabiting anthers of Caryophyllaceae were investigated by molecular analyses using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences and collections from different host plants. The data show that the current taxonomy of Microbotryum on Caryophyllaceae is only partly satisfactory. Microbotryum violaceum is confirmed to be a paraphyletic grouping and is split up in monophyletic groups. Microbotryum silenesinflatae and M. violaceo-verrucosum appear as polyphyletic. Host data are in good agreement with molecular results. Two new species, Microbotryum chloranthae-verrucosum and M. saponariae, are described based on morphological, ecological, and molecular characteristics. An emended circumscription of Microbotryum dianthorum is given. The name Ustilago major (= Microbotryum major) is lectotypified.

Part 226 in the series „Studies in heterobasidiomycetes“ from the Botanical Institute, University of Tübingen.