, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 337-339
Date: 07 Jun 2011

Pediatric compartment syndrome following an insect bite: a case report

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Allergic responses to insect bites are both a common and unwelcome occurrence for many individuals. In certain situations, however, they can have serious sequelae. In this case report, we describe the first case of compartment syndrome in a child who developed a large local reaction to a mosquito bite.

Case Report

An 18-month-old male with a history of significant allergic responses to mosquito bites presented to our institution with a chief complaint of painful swelling of the left hand. The night prior to presentation, the patient's mother stated that the patient was bitten by an unknown insect in the region of the first webspace on the dorsum of the left hand. At the time, his mother presumed that it was a mosquito bite given his history of large local reactions to mosquito bites. Three weeks prior to presentation, the patient had had a separate mosquito bite on the right forehead, which resulted in severe swelling of the forehead extending down to the ipsilateral periorbi