Case Reports


, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 140-144

Fracture of the Proximal Pole of the Bipartite Carpal Scaphoid: A Probable Holt–Oram-like Syndrome

  • B. SaccomanniAffiliated withOrthopaedic and Traumatologic Surgery, Gabriele D’ Annunzio University Email author 

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Bipartite scaphoid has been debated, and is of a traumatic origin for some authors and congenital for others. The aim of study is to distinguish clinical, radiographic and MR criteria for the diagnosis of congenital bipartite scaphoid. I describe a case of a patient with bilateral bipartite scaphoid admitted at my clinic following a traumatic accident which produced a fracture of the proximal pole of the right carpal scaphoid. The patient had a history of bipartite scaphoid. In conclusion, I believe that congenital origin is more probable and this rare pathology is a sporadic form of Holt–Oram-like syndrome.


The bipartite carpal scaphoid The proximal pole Fracture Holt–Oram-like syndrome