Date: 13 Jul 2010

Neurosurgical robotic system for brain tumor removal

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Brain tumor (e.g., glioma) resection surgery, representing the first step for many treatments, is often difficult and time-consuming for neurosurgeons. Thus, intelligent neurosurgical instruments have been developed to improve tumor removal.


The concept and robotic structure of intelligent neurosurgical instruments were introduced. These instruments consist of a surgical robot, a master device and operating software. The robot incorporates a surgical motion base and tool manipulator, including a volume control suction tool. Open Core Control software was developed for connecting intelligent neurosurgical instruments through a network connection and integrating the instruments into a system.


Mechanical evaluation tests on the components and a preliminary system evaluation were performed. A phantom model was fixed on a head frame, and a tumor-removal procedure was successfully performed using prototype intelligent neurosurgical instruments.


Intelligent neurosurgical instruments are feasible and suitable for on-going evaluation in practical tasks, including in-vivo animal testing.