, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 133-137

Water Molecular Properties in Forcemeats and Finely Ground Sausages Containing Plant Fat

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The paper presents a study on the molecular water dynamics on forcemeats and sausages containing plant fat and dietary fibre. The aim of the experiments was to analyse the state of water binding in relation to the way of preparation of the plant fat added. The addition of plant fat to sausages in solid form caused a considerable increase in the molecular dynamics of both water fractions in comparison with the forcemeat. Only the application of liquid plant fat restricted molecule mobility of both water fractions. The emulsification of plant fat resulted in the weakest water binding (140% productivity). Decreasing the amount of added water (productivity 130%) led to the improvement of the system relaxation parameters. In comparison with the control sample, the content of free water in relation to bound water decreased. The addition of fibre increased the content of free water in comparison with the systems without dietary fibre.