Applied Research in Quality of Life

, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 335-347

First online:

Association Between Insomnia and Quality of Life: An Exploratory Study Among Software Engineers

  • Sara Sarrafi ZadehAffiliated withDepartment of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, University of Mysore Email author 
  • , Khyrunnisa BegumAffiliated withDepartment of Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, University of Mysore

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Insomnia is a major public health challenge. Due to its high prevalence and impact on health in recent years it has attracted attention of health care providers. The concept of quality of life (QOL) has gained importance as an outcome measure in sleep disturbed people. This study aims to determine the prevalence of insomnia among software engineers as the job related stress is considered very high. Ninety-one software engineers aged between 21 and 45 from a software developing company in Mysore formed the study population. Insomnia Screening Questionnaire and SF 36 Health Survey Questionnaire were used to elicit information about sleep quality and quality of life respectively. Sleep status among the subjects was as follows: 20.9% severe insomnia, 35.2% mild insomnia and 43.9% normal sleeper. Mean scores for SF 36 and those for physical and mental health were considerably lower among severe insomniacs. Software engineers run at the risk of developing insomnia, those with severe insomnia had poor QOL in comparison with the others. Quality of sleep among software engineers needs special attention since they are prone to develop sleep disturbances.


Quality of life Sleep quality Insomnia Sleep status