, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 251-268
Date: 24 Apr 2009

What Determines Perceived Quality-of-life Impact of Mobile Phones? A Model Based on the Consumption Life Cycle

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This paper reports two studies designed to identify the determinants of perceived quality-of-life impact (PQOLI) of mobile phones. We hypothesized that PQOLI of mobile phones is determined by mostly global feelings of satisfaction with mobile phones, which in turn are determined by satisfaction with a broad range of customer-related experiences—experience with the purchase of the mobile phone and service, preparing the mobile phone for personal use, using the mobile phone, owning the mobile phone, maintenance and repairs of the mobile phone, and disposal of the mobile phone (stages in the consumption life cycle). “Study 1” focused testing the model using a college student population. “Study 2” was designed to replicate the findings of “Study 1” with a more mature and diverse consumer population and extend the model by demonstrating that PQOLI has a significant predictive influence on brand loyalty, thus underscoring the managerial utility of our model. The study results are supportive of our overall model and its hypotheses.