, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 441-445
Date: 29 Dec 2011

Plasmonic Y-splitters of High Wavelength Resolution Based on Strongly Coupled-Resonator Effects

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Based on the strongly coupled-resonator effects, a high wavelength-resolution plasmonic Y-splitter, consisting of a Y-branch metal–insulator–metal waveguide with a baffle in each channel, is numerically investigated using the finite element method. Due to the coupling of different resonators (with nearly equal bandwidths) in the Y-splitter, sharp and asymmetric transmission spectra occur. This greatly increases the wavelength resolution of the Y-splitter to be Δλ ≈ 15 nm, which is significantly narrower than the bandwidth of the single resonator (Δλ FWHM ≈ 110 nm). An analytic model based on the scattering matrix theory is provided to describe and explain this phenomenon.