, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 715-723

Low-Cost Fabrication of Pt Thin Films with Controlled Nanostructures and Their Effects on SERS

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We fabricated nanostructured Pt thin films with two different morphologies and studied their effects on the Raman spectrum of rhodamine 6G. The syntheses were achieved by templating mesoporous silica thin films which are characterized by 8-nm-sized pore channels and 3–4-nm-thick walls in two different orientations of the channels. Therefore, the resultant nanostructured Pt thin films are composed of Pt nanorods of 8 nm in diameter vertically standing in one morphology and horizontally lying in the other. The latter produced stronger Raman signals than the former. Simulations based the discrete-dipole approximation on model nanostructures showed that the horizontally lying nanorods produce stronger local electromagnetic field than the vertically standing ones, in agreement with the experimental observations.