, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 613-618

A Sub-wavelength Electro-optic Switch Based on Plasmonic T-Shaped Waveguide

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A sub-wavelength electro-optic switch based on plasmonic T-shaped waveguide has been proposed and numerically investigated. The finite-difference time-domain simulation results reveal that the switch based on T-shaped waveguide with two U-shaped grooves can realize the function of switching single wavelength from one port to the other by an external voltage. The U-shaped structure is composed of two teeth filled with highly nonlinear organic EO material and one groove filled with 6H-SiC connecting the two teeth. The switch wavelength can be chosen by adjusting both lengths of the left and right teeth, and the switch voltage is 3.35 V for the wavelength of λ = 730 nm with the insertion loss around −2.6 dB and the extinction ratio around −20 dB at port 2.